Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is comprised of 4 basic layers:

  1. The Balancing Layer;
  2. The Core Layer;
  3. The Pattern Layer;
  4. The Wear Layer;

The carb 2 compliant product;

The Balancing layer is the bottom or stabilizing layer. Its function is to resist moisture and stabilize the floor plank.

The Core Layer is comprised of a high-density fiberboard that has been saturated in resin to make the core tough and water resistant.

The Pattern layer is a thin paper that has been printed with a specific wood grain or stone finish. This is what makes the laminate look like a natural surface.

The Wear Layer is a clear melamine resin, which protects the plank from gouges, stains and moisture penetration. This layer is extremely durable and makes laminate flooring one of your best choices!