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Orange Underlayment (Padding)

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2mm - 100sqft/roll - 27.27' (ft) x 3.67'(ft) - 2.25Lb;
3mm - 100sqft/roll - 27.27' (ft) x 3.67'(ft) - 2.5Lb;

    Our premium acoustical underlayment is made up of sound dampening high-performance cross-linked foam with an overlapping film for extra moisture protection at the joints.

    The extra fine foam offers advanced moisture protection and shock absorption.

    Utilizing this progressive foam technology, our underlay is designed for supreme sound reduction. Used for all laminate, bamboo, Luxury vinyl Tile & Plank, SPC, WPC, engineered and solid hardwood floating floor installation.

    Material: IXPE (Irradiation Cross-Link Polyethylene)
    Special Features:
    • Superior moisture protection on your floor;
    • Superior mold and mildew resistant;
    • Acoustic, quiet, and comfortable while walking or standing on your floor;
    • Better sound dampening and temperature retention;
    • Smart choice for all floating floor installation for which underlay is recommended: laminate, bamboo, vinyl Tile & Plank, SPC, WPC, engineered and solid hardwood;
    • Easy installation: self-sealing lip and tape system makes installation easy, straight forward, and secure;
    • Subfloor: this product may be installed on top of any subfloor, including concrete, engineered and solid hardwood, vinyl, and ceramic, hides all minor subfloor imperfections, allows minimum preparation for most subfloor, and can be installed on grade, below grade or above grade;

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